Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Today I had trouble remembering how to get into my blog to post.

Today I spent half the day in my jammies reading a close confidants blog.

Some days I just sit.

Some days I keep busy.

Some days I cry still.

Somedays I just forget what I'm doing.

Most days I just try not to think.

Most days I smile :)

Most days I will laugh.

These days I can walk again without my legs feeling like they weigh 500 pounds each.

These days I can carry on a conversation with others and not cry.

These days I can lean on my spouse for comfort and healing.

These days I can take a shower, get dressed and put on make-up.

These days I can think about God sometimes and not get hysterical.

Tomorrow I hope for increased healing.

Tomorrow I hope for joy.

My beautiful family!
Tomorrow I hope for peace of mind and soul.

Tomorrow I hope to take another baby step toward ..............................................God.

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