Monday, September 6, 2010

Another September.

September is always a busy month.  It reminds me of new beginnings much more than new years eve or day.  I've never felt that new beginning feel on January 1st, it's always been September for me.  I suppose because I went from being a student to a teacher to a mother. September was always a month to start again, restock, rethink.  It also holds the anniversary of my Parents wedding, as well as my own.  The one thing I miss about September is the smell of fall developing in the air.  The smell is so faint in south Florida that if you don't pay attention you may miss it all together and I usually do.

This September is familiar and yet very foreign to me.  I am personally starting new beginnings in my relationships with my family and new friends.  I am changing, adapting and accepting my new environment with as much harmony as I can muster.  So many changes throughout my life. I feel as though I have reached the new dimension of the middle aged mind.  So different from years of the past.  I no longer look to others, they look to me.  That is not the job of the weary or the weak.  I feel lucky through the layers of heartache I continue to endure.

It almost feels as though I am reading the latest novel off of the shelf at the local bookstore.  It's a page turner and what comes next you can feel yet the twists and turns keep you locked into the story.  It never ends the way you would have expected if the author is known for their amazing gift.

Life is full of so many surprises and unexpected events both good and bad, heartwarming and heartbreaking.  Today I feel blessed to have all that I've wanted and to continue to bear that I need.

It is September and I can still buy new pencils this month, a small contribution to a life that continues to be.


  1. Thank God for the ability to have new beginnings. I miss the smell of fall in the air so much that sometimes it hurts.

    God bless you in this September month of beginnings and in every month.

    PG (Anna)

  2. Thank you Anna, you are one of the most nurturing people I know.