Friday, August 6, 2010

Just a journey

The house is almost empty this weekend.  Just me, my son, the 2 dogs and the illusive cat.  Everyone else has left on various weekend trips or activities.  It's very quiet.  I may have found a new group of people I can relate too, from a compassionate friends meeting I attended the other night.  It's a very strange feeling starting a new life within the same surroundings and same memories of my prior life.  It also feels strange blogging.  I never would have thought I would blog.  Sending messages out into the world of others I do not even know.  I never would have thought a lot of things these days that are happening in my life, so I suppose blogging is no surprise either.  An old friend made a statement to me the other day about me, that until I land I need to keep searching.  I'm thinking.... do we ever "land".  Life changes too much at least for me, maybe it's just the way I now look at things.  Okay too deep for the bloggosphere?  It makes perfect sense to me.

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